Media Arts and Technologies @ MiraCosta College


Full Time Faculty : Leigh Cotnoir

Leigh Cotnoir

Leigh Cotnoir is a designer, artist, developer, and educator in web, print, and interactive arts. She has taught college art and design courses since 2000, and she joined the MiraCosta Media Arts and Technologies faculty as a full time instructor in 2015. Leigh received her MFA in Art from San Diego State University in 2003, concentrating on multimedia and interactive art, including digital installation, woodworking, metalsmithing, printmaking, and photography.

In addition to teaching for over a decade, Leigh has focused the basis of her professional practice in technology. She has experience as a web developer, designer, and system administrator for both small and enterprise-level institutions, which includes helping organizations address their needs for technology, UI and UX development, marketing strategies, talent resources, and cultural relevancy.

Leigh’s practice spans personal as well as professional realms, as she is a maker and perpetual tinkerer. She loves to build functional and sculptural things out of wood and metal, as well as problem solving through experimental processes. Leigh is passionate about exploring how interaction plays a role in art/design/life, whether in a web framework, print design, digital installation, furniture piece, or sculpture piece. You can view some of Leigh’s selected design work or other media work at To view her teaching site, you can visit

When not teaching or making stuff, Leigh is with her family, camping, hanging out with her dogs, or all of the above.