Media Arts and Technologies @ MiraCosta College



Jeff Uhlik

Jeff Uhlik holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Graphic Design from Kent State University and a Masters Degree from San Diego State University in Graphic Design specializing in Interactive Digital Media. He accumulated over twenty years experience as a design professional and fifteen years as an adjunct professor of graphic design before being hired at MiraCosta.

His professional experience encompasses almost every aspect of the design field including graphic design, web design, video production, post production, 3D modeling and animation, interactive multimedia, instructional design, information architecture, project management, corporate branding, special effects, digital illustration, photography, marketing, and print production.

He started his career as the design director of a graphic design department in an architecture firm, working on projects ranging from traditional print to photography, interior design, architectural graphics and signage systems. He entered the computer graphics field in 1983, where he held positions as art director, computer artist, 3D animator, and digital media specialist. Jeff also operated his own computer graphics consulting business for five years, working as both in-house consultant and subcontactor to design firms, completing projects for companies such as McDonnell-Douglas, Hughes Aerospace, Microsoft, Sun Microsystems, and many others. He became involved in multimedia in 1992, and web development in 1993. Additionally, he spent a year developing the advanced animation program at Platt College of Design.

Jeff was hired at MiraCosta in 1998 to bring the Internet and Multimedia Technologies Program up to speed and subsequently joined with colleagues Jill Malone and Karl Cleveland to form the Media Arts and Technologies Department in 2008.

While Jeff's broad experience qualifies him to teach almost every course in the MAT Department, he currently focuses his energy on Graphic Design, Video, Animation, and teaching the Advanced Design Studio and Portfolio courses.

When time allows, Jeff runs a small consulting business, Planomoly, working on projects in marketing, video and web design. When he is not working, Jeff goes low-tech on his horse farm where he raises and trains field hunters and eventing horses. He also enjoys surfing, rock climbing and backcountry ski mountaineering.

“Either kick ass, or sit on it. There are no alternatives.”

“If you have a passion for something the only way to satisfy it is to pursue it.”