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MAT 299 | Cooperative Work Experience-Occupational

1 - 4 units
Prerequisites: None
Corequisites: Be employed in a position related to your major and enrolled in a minimum of seven units including work experience for fall/spring, or three units including work experience for summer.
On-the-job training 60 non-paid or 75 paid hours of work per unit

Cooperative Work Experience is intended for students who are employed in a job directly related to their major. It allows such students the opportunity to apply the theories and skills of their discipline to their position and to undertake new responsibilities and learn new skills at work. Topics include goal-setting, employability skills development, and examination of the world of work as it relates to the student's major and career plans.

Students may earn a maximum of four units per semester and a maximum of 16 units in any combination of cooperative work experience (general or occupational) and/or internship studies during community college attendance.