Media Arts and Technologies @ MiraCosta College


Mat 190 | Programming for Animation, Interactivity, and Games

3 Units
Advisories: MAT 150
Prerequisites: None
Acceptable for Credit: CSU
Lecture 2 hours, Laboratory 3 hours
Course Typically Offered: Fall even years

This course emphasizes programming for interactive media, including 2D games and rich Internet applications. Students learn to code within the context of the visual arts using ActionScript, Processing, and/or JavaScript and explore the creative and technical aspects of designing interactive user experiences that integrate media, animation, and interactivity. Additional topics include user interface design, experience design, interactive storytelling, game design, animation techniques, and developing content for delivery across a variety of platforms and devices.

This course expands upon concepts covered in MAT 150. You will learn techniques and practices for programming animation, interactivity, and games. Designers need to be familiar with programming and development to remain competitive in a marketplace where websites and mobile apps are increasing rich and interactive (requiring some knowledge of code, even if you are the front-end designer). This is one of the only classes at MiraCosta that approaches programming from a design and visual arts perspective and is adapted to the needs of the designer/developer. No previous programming experience or scripting background is required. However, it is recommended that students take MAT 150 prior to this course.