Media Arts and Technologies @ MiraCosta College


MAT 215 | Web Design: Mobile Sites and Apps

3 Units
Advisories: MAT 150, MAT 165
Prerequisites: None
Acceptable for Credit: CSU
Lecture 2.5 hours, Laboratory 1.5 hours

This course introduces web design and development students to design considerations and development techniques for creating mobile websites and web applications. Students explore the use of web technologies, including HMTL5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, and Flash/ActionScript, to design and produce websites and apps optimized for delivery on mobile and tablet devices. Topics include mobile media design, understanding mobile platforms, browsers, and device capabilities, responsive design, media queries, jQuery Mobile, the PhoneGap framework, and Flash Air for Android and iOS apps.

The web is increasingly going mobile as web technologies (such as HTML5, CSS3, and Javascript) are widely supported on mobile devices and new technologies (such as jQuery Mobile and the PhoneGap framework) are enabling developers to transform web designs into native, cross-platform mobile applications. Web designers and developers need to understand the unique opportunities and challenges of designing and developing mobile websites and applications to keep pace with an industry and public rapidly embracing mobile media.

This course is intended for intermediate to advanced web design students who want to apply and adapt their HTML, CSS, and JavaScript skills for the desktop brower to mobile sites and mobile web apps.

This course is no longer in the current MiraCosta College catalog nor actively being offered by the department. This page is a historical archive of the course description.