Media Arts and Technologies @ MiraCosta College


Mat 170 | Digital Illustration 1: Adobe Illustrator

3 Units
Advisories: None
Prerequisites: None
Acceptable for Credit: CSU
Lecture 2.5 hours, Laboratory 1.5 hours
Course Typically Offered: Fall, Spring


This course addresses vector-based illustration topics, tools, and techniques related to visual art and design. Particular focus is placed on project ideation, iterative process, and application of elements and principles of art and design. Technical topics include digital vector tools for drawing, pattern development, application of texture and color, grid-based design, and workflow using Adobe Illustrator and related software.

Knowledge of Adobe Illustrator is crucial for a graphic artist, particularly one who specializes in graphic design for print. MAT 170 is a required course for the Graphic Design Certificate and for the AA in Graphic Design. It is recommended that you complete this course within your first year of pursuing a certificate or AA in MAT, or as soon as possible after that.