Media Arts and Technologies @ MiraCosta College


MAT 235 | Web Design 3: Site Design and Architecture

3 Units
Advisories: MAT 165
Prerequisites: None
Acceptable for Credit: CSU
Lecture 2 hours, Laboratory 3 hours

This course covers practices of information design and delivery for the World Wide Web, including designing the information architecture of a website, graphical user interface and web page design, creating web graphics, and designing for interactivity. Building on the skills acquired in MAT 165, you will use web development software tools and coding techniques to design complex, professional-level websites.

The course emphasizes understanding web standards and best practices, but also reviews emerging web design techniques and technologies. It covers web design processes and work flows, information architecture, interface design, usability, content strategy, HTML5, CSS3, mobile optimization, and JavaScript and jQuery integration, among other topics.

Students often work on 'real-world' projects for local charities or service-oriented organizations as part of a team development environment. This course is intended for advanced web design students who have already taken MAT 125 and MAT 165.

Formerly IMT 230.