Media Arts and Technologies @ MiraCosta College


Video and Media Design : Certificate of Achievement

Video and Media Design is one of the fastest growing specialties in the visual communication field. With the advent of affordable video and still image cameras, powerful editing software, animation programs with Hollywood capabilities, and computers capable of handling the data, opportunities for media creation are growing. Video and animation is everywhere from TV and film (its almost all digital now!) to mobile devices and YouTube. Opportunities include advertising, marketing, film, promotion, corporate, education, entertainment, games and the list goes on.

The Video and Media Design Certificate of Achievement is designed to give you the professional skills and tools to meet the needs of video production companies, independent video producers, corporate video departments, animation houses, advertising agencies, marketing firms, and any company that produces video or media for the web. Students who complete this certificate will understand the most important concepts of video production, media generation and animation, while learning current computer software applications, as well as gaining a solid foundation in project planning, management, communication and teamwork.

Career Opportunities include video editor, assistant producer, video production specialist, videographer, audio technician, assistant director, 3d modeler, 3D animator, texture designer, assistant director of photography, grip, assistant lighting director.

Foundation Courses (required 15 units / 5 classes)

Emphasis Courses (select 12 units / 4 classes)

Elective Courses (Students may substitute 3 units from the Elective courses below in lieu of 3 units from the Emphasis courses listed above)

Required to Graduate (required 3 units, 1 class)

Total Required: 30 units