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Web Development and Design : Associate in Arts Degree

The Associate in Arts (AA) Degree in Web Development and Design provides a comprehensive educational opportunity for the aspiring web designer. In addition to acquiring the skills provided by completing the Web Design and Development Certificate of Achievement, you will also complete courses that will expand and enrich your learning experience, and by extension, your employment opportunites, and your life. An AA Degree also provides further opportunities when transferring to a four-year college or university.

The number of units and the types of courses to earn an AA degree are mandated by the college and the state. Please refer to the official College Catalog for the complete requirements. However, within the General Education Requirements, you have many options. Some courses provide more relevant experiences that will help you to maximize your skills in the challenging field of Web Design. Please refer to the General Education Courses listed below for a suggested list. Remember though, that these are just suggestions; you can always choose other courses from the catalog.

Before you begin your course of study, you will need to meet with one of the MiraCosta counselors, and also discuss your plans with one of the MAT faculty. Our job is to help you succeed.

Web Design Certificate of Achievement (30 units)

Please refer to the Web Development and Design Certificate of Achievement details.

General Education Courses (at least 30 units)

While you have many choices within the GE area, the MAT Faculty recommends the following courses as particularly relevant to a major in Web Development and Design.This is only a recommended list, it is not inclusive, and you have other requirements and options. Consult the College Catalog for the complete list of AA Degree requirements.

  • English 100—Composition and Reading
  • English 202—Critical Thinking and Composition
  • Art 100—Drawing and Composition
  • Art 101—Design and Color
  • Art 103—Beginning Sculpture
  • Art 201—Objects and Ideas in Contemporary Art
  • Art 254—Understanding and Appreciating the Photographic Image
  • Art 258—Ancient to Gothic Art
  • Art 259—History of Renaissance to Modern Art
  • Art 260—History of Modern Art
  • Communication 101—Principles of Oral Communication
  • Communication 106—Group Communication
  • Communication 207—Interpersonal Communication
  • Communication 220—Introduction to Mass Communication
  • Philosophy 130—Critical Thinking and Writing
  • Mathematics 125—College Algebra
  • Mathematics 130—Trigonometry

Total Required: 60 units