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Relax like the Royals do!

As the guards open the doors to His Highness's chambers, we hear giggling and purring. We round the corner and see His Highness receiving scratchies from some mysterious girls.

His Highness greets us quite enthusiastically, His Highness proceeds to bring us farther into his chambers. Looking around we see a strange herb on his side table. "Oh, that's just Catnip, completely legal I say, everyone should have some! It's absolutely brilliant!" He says, with large dilated eyes.

As the time nears bedtime Her Majesty comes to see how the tour is coming along. As she sees the spectacle happening in his chambers, she immediately instructs all the girls to leave. "His Highness needs every ounce of his sleep!" she exclaims. Her Majesty, asks the tour group to stay and see how His Highness prepares for bedtime so we can learn the secret to staying as lovely as her son does. Before Her Majesty leaves, she gives her son a hug and kiss, much to his displeasure. "Now off to bed, dear".Sigh Mothers

"*Sigh* Mothers"

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