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Lunch is served, Your Highness!

Your Highness has a very delicate body so he can only have the best food. Does not approve His current diet consists of Science Diet Prescription C/D Feline Bladder Health. His Highness doesn't always approve of the flavor selection, which he is very quick to show his displeasure.

After His Highness finishes his main course he sneaks away and has his dessert. He doesn't know that we all know what he is up to, but His Highness just loves a fresh crisp plastic bag. His mother, Her Majesty, doesn't approve and scolds him when she catches him. One time Her Majesty banned all plastic bags in the kingdom, but he always finds a way to feed his addiction. Her Majesty has asked us to please keep an eye on her son today, as discreetly as possible of course.

Her Majesty asked us to include a statement for anyone else who has an addiction to plastic bags to please seek help. Every year she donates money to the recycling of plastic bags so no one else has to suffer with a loved ones addiction to plastic bags.

If you know anyone who is addicted to plastic bags, please visit this Plastic Addiction Forum. Just know you are not alone in your struggle.

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