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Good Morning, Your Highness, Houdini the Great!

Your Highness's day starts off as it would for any normal person. He hits the snooze a few times, but eventually gets up. He's not much of a morning person, so he's a bit grumpy in the beginning. Once he has had his morning kibble, he is ready to start his morning duties.

One of his important morning duties is making sure his subjects are dressing properly. It's a tiresome, sometimes horrifying experience depending on the subject before him. He's quite an expert on fashion though. Morning Duty Once he has his subjects dressed properly he sends them off to do their work.

Now that his subjects are dressed properly and off to earn money to properly shower His Highness in gifts, he heads to the dining room where his lunch awaits him.

His Highness, Houdini the Great, understands the hard times, but insists that his subjects look proper. Here is just one of the few stores he approves his subjects to shop at is Torrid

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