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An Adventure with His Highness!

Your Highness, Houdini the Great, has very graciously asked us to join him on an adventure! This is very exciting. Not many groups get a personal audience with His Highness, but even fewer get to go on an excursion.

His Highness very bravely leaves the comfort of his home to brave the outer realm Kingdom, Entertainment Room. Very few people cross the gates that separate the two kingdoms. It is rumored that the black beauty, Princess Nova, told His Highness that if he ever was to step a paw back into her land, she would have him strung up by his claws by her most trusted knight, Sir Blackbeard. His Highness, won't comment on the rumor, but says that he and the Princess have a "special" relationship. We're still not sure what that means.

Deep into Princess Nova's land, we come across a peculiar object. His Highness looks closely at the object, just as it jumps up at us. We all quickly run toward the gate and close it behind us. What was that? Oh, it was just a baby mouse. How silly we must feel. Where is His Highness? Oh dear, he's trapped on the other side with the horrible, terrifying baby mouse *giggle* You're Mocking Me

As we return to the kingdom, His Highness mentions it's time for his daily relaxation and bids us adieu. Little does His Highness know, but Her Majesty gave us special permission to follow him and make sure he doesn't revert to his addiction. Let's move onward to His Highness's bed chambers.

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