A Day in the Life of Lily and Colin

7pm, and we are going to do something really exciting - we are going to give Lily and Colin a bath. Surprisingly, crabs actually like taking a bath - although only shallow ones, and only for a few minutes at a time, and only every now and again.

First, we pour purified drinking water into a shallow bowl - not too much, or they'll drown. Then we add the crabs. Lily and Colin spend the first five minutes of any bath freaking out a little, but eventually they figure that it's not quite so scary and they aren't going to die - or be eaten - or drown - and they have a little crawl around.

bathtime1 bathtime1 bathtime1

After their bath, Lily and Colin get themselves out and dried; they have a quick crawl around the bedroom floor (first making entirely sure the cats are well out of reach); and then they get carefully placed back into their crabitat, ready to crawl around in the sand and coconut fibers and get all dirty again. Oh well!

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