A Day in the Life of Lily and Colin

Lily sleeping

11am. Still not much happening. Lily is now hiding at the back of the tank, near the heat mat. Even though the weather has picked up outside, it's not quite warm enough for Lily, so she's snuggling in the cosy spot.

Colin sleeping

Colin, meanwhile, has unburied himself a little, turned around, and is now facing the half-eaten shell that he shed a couple of weeks ago. We left the crab shell in the tank even though the kids wanted to see it, because apparently they like to eat their discarded shells. That said, judging by the speed crabs eat, this could take a while.

Crab eating habits

Our crabs are fussy eaters - well, we think they are. Each night they are given crab pellets to eat, and if we remember we'll also add in a blueberry or other (non-citrus) fruit. The next night we will remove what looks like exactly the same amount of food we last put in, and replace it with new - because it gets really stinky, really quickly in 70%+ humidity.

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