A Day in the Life of Lily and Colin

Colin eating

11pm. Finally some proper crab action - except the kids aren't awake to see it! Colin is sitting in the food bowl eating pellets, using his front claws to take tiny pinches of food and put them in his mouth.

Lily cribbling

Meanwhile, Lily is cribbling around the front of the tank, making a complete racket as her legs scrape against the glass. How my daughter sleeps through this noise every night is beyond me!

10 Reasons NOT to buy a crab for a kid

  1. They smell
  2. They are nocturnal
  3. They're noisy at night
  4. They mostly sleep
  5. They bite if you handle them roughly
  6. They need constant care - morning and evening
  7. They hibernate if they get too cold
  8. Cleaning the tank is too difficult for kids to do
  9. They're hard to keep happy
  10. They don't change shells very often

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