I typically wake up before Mommy and Daddy and I let them know right away. Daddy makes this weird noise but Mommy gets up and opens my gate. We go down the stairs and through a couple of doors to my play area or "the Backyard" as my family likes to call it. At this time it's still pretty dark but I know my way around. I'm just out here to pee anyway. This is always the time that my Mommy takes me out to pee. As soon as I am done though, it's back inside the house because Mommy is going to give me something to eat.

Mommy makes my food by combining the following things:

It becomes really yummy and I eat all of it. Now I'm ready to go back up and play with my inside toys. But Mommy always pushes me back to my outside play area. I think it's because I have to do that other thing that I have to do outside. But even after I'm done with that Mommy doesn't let me inside. Usually I see her kiss Daddy from outside. I want to kiss Daddy too. He's got such nice pants and shirt on, I want to kiss it all over...and maybe chew on it a little.

By the time I am let back in to the house Daddy is already gone and it's 7 AM. I'll miss Daddy but this means I get to play with Mommy. Mommy takes me back behind my gate and gives me back all the toys that they hide from me at night. I don't know why they hide them. They're really fun. Two of them make squeaky noises when I chew on them. This one is my favorite:

While I play, Mommy goes into a box that rains water all over her. It doesn't look like fun but Mommy always comes out happy. Then she runs around a lot--putting stuff on her face, drinking dark stuff, collecting things around the room. Mommy is weird sometimes. When she's done with all that though, I know it means she's going to put me back out to my play area. I don't mind going there but Mommy doesn't stay with me this time. After she takes me there this time, I don't get to see her for a long long long time. I don't like that so I always sit my butt down on the ground instead of go with her. I know she doesn't like that but I don't like her leaving either. But Mommy is stronger than me and she has this thing that pulls me so I still end up in my play area. Mommy says she's sorry and she closes the door. Goodbye, Mommy. :(