Go to 3 PM.

Wow! Wow! My Mommy is home early! She takes me inside and starts running around again. She's making me dizzy but I follow her around because maybe this is a game. She gives me those special biscuits and then attaches that thing that pulls me. Silly Mommy. You don't need that. I would follow you anywhere.

This time though we're not going to my play area. We're going to the bigger outside. Wow! Is it because I'm finally 4 months? Are we finally going to this thing called "a park?"

Wait! That's the car! You're taking me to the car! No, Mommy! I have bad car anxiety! I don't care about this thing called a park anymore. I don't need it. Or we could just run to wherever it is. Please! Don't put me in the car.

But Mommy puts me in the car anyway.

I whine and she smiles. I whine some more and she makes whining sounds too. I cannot win with this woman.

We're in the car for a long time though so I start to relax.. All I see are other cars for a while. Then there are a lot of green things around. This is starting to look familiar....

Bad Mommy!

Let me be clear about this: I hate the animal hospital. Hate it! This is where they cut my ears and then they put all that white stuff on it later on. I finally got it off me 4 days ago. Is this why I'm back? Are they going to put that white stuff on my ears again? I refuse. I am not stepping into that place.

But at 3 PM, Mommy uses her brute strength and pulls me inside the animal hospital. I'm so scared. What IS that giant thing?!

My Mommy tricked me. She made today seem like an adventure. Instead I go to this place and have some hairy monster sniff me, some weird man poke into my ears and some lady (she's nice tho) put that dreaded white stuff on them. Mommy calls it posting. I call it annoying. And Mommy didn't tell me that Rabies was a shot. Ow.

When we get home, Mommy gives me food again. This time she adds some of that special biscuit I like. She's not off the hook yet but this is a start.