Exercise 3 - Adding My First Images

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Spidey's just hanging out!

He's my favorite superhero!
picture of Spider-man

This is a picture of my favorite flower, a rose. Roses are so beautiful and smell amazing! I really enjoy seeing different bouquets of roses at the store. The colors are all beautiful! red rose My favorite arrangement of roses would definitely have to be red, white, and pink together. I think each color complements the other so well! I hope to have my own garden of roses in the future! red rose red rose red rose

Roses are so near and dear to my heart because of my late grandmother. red rose Her name was Rose. Her passing left a HUGE impact on our family. Our family definitely does not feel the same without her. She was the most strong, kind-hearted, hard-working woman I have ever met. Roses will always remind me of her. I will say it again, roses are SO beautiful!

red rose