Britt Hoeven

Graphic Designer

Brand Compass

About Me

Ambitious. Crafty. Energetic. Strategic. Leader. Creative.

I was born with an artistic touch. A trait I have since nourished through many artforms. From drawing as a child to creating visual displays as an adult. Where right brain meets left, I am a mix of the free creative spirit of the right brain with the strategical thought process of the left brain. To be exact I am 51% right and 49% left brained. Being born with an artistic eye, I nourished my creativity though numerous artforms from painting as a child to creating visual displays in the fashion industry as an adult. It was this creative eye that allowed me to quickly comprehend the concept of brand and how to ensure a cohesive style through multiple channels. Mixing in my innate leadership qualities and strong work ethic I found myself growing into multiple leadership roles. In those roles, I was able to develop my analytical side and learn to create strategies to grow a business. Using my unique mix of skills, I began connecting with entrepreneurs looking to streamline their businesses and brands.

My Values

What I value most is creative expression. I like to be in environments where I am allowed some freedom and my ideas are recognized. I am passionate about expanding my creative skills and need an environment that would nurture those skills as I put a high value on my continued growth. I would not do best in a role where I am doing mundane busy work only. I find it rewarding to wear multiple hats and to be on the strategic side as well as the design only side. I would also like to work for companies that our improving the world like health and wellness or eco-friendly/nature driven companies. I am passionate about both those topics as I would like to work with a company that makes an impact of some kind.

My Purpose

I have multiple objectives in mind when creating my portfolio to fulfill multiple possible career paths. Short term, I want my portfolio to appeal to business owners and to help me achieve a position with an established company. This would allow me to continue to build on my skills in a real-world setting. As well as give me the ability to be able to move into an Art/Creative director role in the long run. At the same time, I want my portfolio to have fluidity to allow me to be able to take on freelance work. As I see the benefit of takin on a wider variety of projects and grow my skills in numerous directions. I want my portfolio to show creativity meets corporate. I want my creative abilities to show up first but with cohesive and sleek style to show what I call my “corporate side.” I imagine it to be fun, a little edgy but clean. Minimalistic meets artistic to showcase the right brain meets left analogy I bring up in my “about me”.