Playing Around with Images

Starting with one of my favorites...

brienne and theo This is one of my favorite pictures of myself. This picture was taken by my best friend, Nikki, right before quarantine happened. We enjoyed a nice day on top of a hill with a great view, friends, and her two dogs: Theo and Ranger. In this picture, Theo and I are captured showing eachother some love. I refer to Theo as my boyfriend because he is by far the sweetest, most loving pup I have met.

Now moving on to stock images...


I found this photo on the internet. It stood out because it was black and white and her smile was illuminated. I liked the fact that she was wearing red lipstick.

No meaning... Just fun


Again, this was just another stock image I found off Google. This image stood out to me because it was an old man hugging his piggy bank (his savings). It reminded me of my own grandpa. I liked the Google's original name for the photo was "granda-hugging-his-inheritence". Lol.

The love of my life...

I chose this photo while listening to his song "Adore You" off of his newest album, "Fine Line". I have been a huge fan of Harry Styles since he was in One Direction. He has the voice and face of an angel and I want to skip through his curly hair like its a field of grass (this is an exaggeration, I am not obsessed with him, I just like his music lol).

harry styles

I LOVE cats

cat and money

Okay, I LOVE cats. This picture made me laugh so hard when I found it. Why? I couldn't necessarily explain it, its just cat people humor or something. We find every cat to be entertaining, cute, and funny. *should shrug*

Visual representation of me at the start of this assignment...

frustrated man

Not gonna lie... this is actually what I looked like when my images weren't showing on my webpage. I couldn't figure out why it couldn't locate my pictures even with my VERY clear instructions. Finally, after many Google searches, I figured out that if I place the images in the same folder that I have saved my html file in to, they would appear on my webpage. Also, if the photo is too large, it won't appear. I am so freaking happy that I figured it out.