Exercise 3 Working with Images

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Just adding an image to the page.

picture of dogs

boneThis a picture of my two Australian Shepard dogs that I took at Dog Beach in Del Mar, San Diego. bone One of my dogs, "Roo", who is the blue merle is 14 years old and the red merle puppy named, "Delilah", is 1 year old.

I have a very close relationship with both my dogs bone but they can definitely be a handful at times and like to cause a little trouble, in a fun way.

bone I had born back in 1991, which is when I recieved my first dog who happened to also be an Australian shepard mix. I have always reamined very close with all the dogs that have been part of my family.

These dogs are the highlight of each day for me. I love seeing they're go lucky happiness.