Up Coming Rocket Launches


Photo courtesy of SpaceX

To be disclosed soon. SpaceX plans to deploy their last round of Starlink satellites into earth orbit befor July of 2020 on their Falcon 9 Rocket. These satellites will be able to mauver once in orbit using ion krypton thrusters—a first for spacecraft. The satelites once fully operational will be provide high speed internet access to chosen beta testers staring this summer.To find out more information of the mission and even sign up to be one of the chosen beta testers visit the Starlink website for details.

Ariane Space

Photo courtesy of Ariane Space Group

June 26, 2020—The Arian Space group plans on launching their proof of concept Vega Rocket—Flight VV16 at . This proof of concept mission plans on delivering more than fifty satellites into earth orbit. For more information about this mission visit the Ariane Space Group website.

Rocket Lab

Photo courtesy of Rocket Lab

July 3, 2020—Pics Or It Didn't Happen is scheduled to launch a day before the 4th of July at approximatly . A great preamble to Independence Day, Rocket Lab will be launching the Cannon Electronic Inc.'s Earth‐imaging satelite along with test microsatellites. For more information on the mission visit the Rocket Lab website for more information.

United Arab Emirates Space Agency

Photo courtesy of Mohammed Bin Rashid Space Center

July 14, 2020—The UAESA plans to launch the Hope Mars Mission orbiter at . The orbiter being sent is a weather satellite that help researchers understand the climate of Mars. The collection of data will be made possible by a 12‐megapixel camera, an infrared spectrometer, and an ultraviolet spectrometer. For more information about the satellite look at the Mohammed Bin Rashid Space Centerwebsite.

Photo courtesy of Space.com


Photo courtesy of NASA

July 22, 2020—NASA plans on launching the Mars Perserverance Rover in the Atlas V rocket to is destination—Mars. The rover will come equipted with a helicopter that will be able to travel farther and faster than the rover. Though that dosen't mean the rover is a slouch. The rover will be equiped to collect samples from the martian surface and send those samples back to earth. Scientist will then be able to inspect those samples for signs of microbial life. For more information about the launch time widow or specifications on the rover and rocket, visit the NASA website for details.

Photo courtesy of NASA

I.S.S Resupply

Photo courtesy of Space.com

July 23, 2020— A Porgress cargo spacecraft will be launched at , on a Russian Soyuz rocket. The spacecraft will resupply the International Space space station with fuel and supplies. This will be the 76th Progress cargo spacecraft launched to the I.S.S. For more details on the launch and to watch it live visit the Space.com website.

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