Making #1 Chart List!

Unordered List's

Grocery List

Grocery List

Grocery List

TD's— Ordered List's

To Do List

  1. Clean Room
  2. Call Parents
  3. Eat lunch

Types of Animals I Like

Land Animals

  1. Rabbits
  2. Dogs
  3. Tigers!

In those last two list I wanted to experiment by not closing the unorganized list and everthing else that followed after the unclosed <ul> lined up inside the <ul>. Then in the last list much like the 3rd to last list, the list items lined up with the <ul> title. I think that is interesting.

Definition List's

Possible Shoe Idea's

Boots have a thicker sole making them perfect for standing longer hours because of the added support.
Sandles usually have a medium width sole with three perforated holes at the front in a triangle configuration. Different types of straps are attached to the back two holes and brought to the front center hole making a V and then secured at the base.
Basket Ball Shoes:
Backet Ball shoes are much like boot except they are made to be light weight and with sticky soles to grip the hardwood floors of the basketball court.