My 10 Days Challenge

Diet and Exercises

Here is my diary of little victories and struggles

(Please don't take it seriously and never try it at home!)

Spring is upon us with the summer following suit! Yesterday, Maslenitsa week ended up with a huge feast of Russian crepes. Usually, after that I start my spring fasting for 10 days living without meat, sweets, and alcohol.
This year I’ll do it differently. I’ll stop consuming coffee, alcohol, and sweets. I’m going to eat meat, fish, and a lot of greens. Who’s with me? 10 days only!

Day 1

Well, well, well... Day one went really well! Great clean food, yoga, and night walk- the best remedy for a winter depression. Here is your Day 1 menu.

Day 2

Hazy morning in Carlsbad, but I’m sure it’s going to be a beautiful day! Community days in legoland give us an opportunity to buy a cheap tickets. My 11 yo is so excited to ride, but will never show it.
My other boys rejected my offer to go there. I couldn’t buy them even with Granny Smith’s Fried Apples! Big surprise, and not a pleasant one was the disappearance of all Starwars figures. Bummer!!!
Everyone who is scared of coronavirus: there is no hand sanitizers in Legoland, bring your own. Also, today is the third day of my fasting. We decided to do taco Tuesday, and my taco was unusual)))
Instead of a taco shell I used lettuce. I did a lot for my body.

Day 3

I LOVE myself! I really do. I'm smart, strong, I have a great family, wonderful and gifted friends. I'm not thin and not fat, curvy. I have my imperfections that make me unique. I say to myself everyday: I'm the whole UNIVERSE! Day 3 brought me 2 lb down, yay! I noticed I'm never hungry. Clean balanced food brings a lot of energy and fills me in. Physical activity:

Tired but happy!