A Day in the Life of Jan Neff-Sinclair

[or why I don't keep a journal]

banner of images of Jan in various hair colors with images of Carlsbad

Photo of Jan with normal blonde hair Photo of a plate or orange rollsr Photo of a raised garden bed i Pine Ave Community Garden Photo of cute dog Photo of entrance to Frazee Beach Photo of Cori Schumacher and campaign staff Photo of Jan in CERT vest near distancing sign Photo of kitchen backsplash Photo of Jan and her siblingsh Photo of stained glass piece Jan madeh


I reside in a lovely condo near the mall in Carlsbad with my friend and housemate, Fred. We are both disabled, Fred more so than myself as he is legally blind. I am his live-in aide. That means that I provide services that enable him to live independently as opposed to in a group home or an institution. I am chauffer, cook, chief bottle washer, laundress, housekeeper, and so on. He has a Section 8 voucher for housing and he is entitled to a two-bedroom unit instead of a one-bedroom because he has an aide.

Fred Chambers marching with DEMCCO in Oceanside 4th of July parade

Neither of us work because of our disabilities, although I would like to work part-time. There is unfortunately not much demand for a part-time Interior Designer and my art does not make me very much money. So in one sense, we are fortunate that the pandemic did not upset our lives as much as many because we already didn’t work and didn’t go out to bars and restaurants all that often. One must be creative about entertainment when your only income is Social Security.