Exercise 3 Working with Images

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Just adding an image to the page

Mosaic class attendees

I was part of an experimental physically-distanced mosaic class taught

by a woman I had taken other mosaic classes from down at the San Elijo

campus. The teacher and students are all depicted in the photo above.

The photo below is of the first mosaic I made in the mosaic class and

it is for our friend Katie. Her and her husband had recently learned

that he has Lewy Body dementia, a simply awful disease. They live in

Washington state now and we all made our first piece so Katie could look

at them and know we were thinking about her and supporting her during

this terrible time in their lives.

Mosaic for Katie
I took home the makings of a second mosaic Mosaic for myself for myself and it took me months

to get around to finishing it.

These mosaic pieces were a little different than the others I have

made because the substrate or material that I made it on top of was

glass. The backs of my other mosaics were always solid like wood My first ever mosaic or backer Large mosaic board.