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Unordered List

New Year's Resolutions

Ordered List

Fred's Important To-Do List

  1. Get Park St. deposit back
  2. Organize belongings
    1. Get smaller storage space
      1. Diassemble/reassemble shed at parents' house
      2. Use garage
      3. West Coast Self Storage
    2. Make decisions on how much of deceased wife's belongings to keep
    3. Sort remaining items
      1. Keep
      2. Clean and/or repair and keep
      3. Toss out
      4. Sell
      5. Donate
  3. Find pilot to transport guide dog

Definition List

Photoshop Tools to Learn on Own

Sample a color
Rectangular Marquee
Selects rectangular area
Deposit color
Polygonal Lasso
Free-form selection along a straight edge
Horizontal Tyoe
Create text