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Interior Designer with excellent command of coursework & current industry practices who enjoys all aspects of the design process including client interaction, design creation & implementation, CAD document creation, and customer satisfaction is seeking part-time employment in North County San Diego region.

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Headline Level 3 Example

This is an example of right aligned text. In this text section, I have taken a paragraph from our text book about the use of an unordered list like the one above. The only thing that is permitted within an unordered list (that is, between the start and end ul tags) is one or more list items. You can’t put other elements in there, and there may not be any untagged text. However, you can put any type of content element within a list item (li)

This is an example of center aligned text. I know that I spent far too much time during this exercise trying to get my presentation and content to look like my resume. The resume has a good mix of differing content but it doesn't have a number of items that are called out in the homework. I have learned my lesson both in not trying to be so ambitious and in not planning enough time for my homework. I have forgotten a lot more about HTML than I realized. One thing I forgot is how long it can take to mark up text and still not end up with it looking the way I want. I have become so good at making Microsoft Word look exactly the way I want it, and am even almost to that point with Adobe Acrobat, that it has been really frustrating that little looks the way I want here. But I am just going to concentrate on getting this homework assignment completed.

This will test how various elements act when within a div grouping when the grouping is defined as aligned to the right yet some of the elements specify differing alignment. I suspect that the align characteristics within the individual elements will override the div alignment.

Headline Level 4 Example - right aligned

Headline Level 5 Example - center aligned
Headline Level 6 Example - left aligned

As I suspected, the headlines above aligned as the attribute in the h? tag specified and did not end up aligned to the right except in the case where it was specified.

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