Poetry by Sherry L. Mande

of fish and confetti

my heart is full of confusion
or maybe it's my head
thoughts swimming around
like fish in a bowl
that's been shook

thoughts sinking
into the unknown
like confetti floating
and gently drifting
i sigh and find no comfort
i lay awake and un-sleeping
a restless mind swimming around
tumult of fish splashing i Poetry by Sherry L. Mande n a bowl
exasperated as i toss and turn
while floating between
restlessness and peace
spinning rapidly
and gently


I want to write

I want my words to flow out of me like rivers pouring over pages, filling them with words. Words that make sense. Words that don't sound so much like the ramblings of a mad woman.
Are my eyes shut and my ears closed?!
I scream
  yet I cannot hear.
I gesture
  yet I cannot see.

I thought senses sharpen when you lose one? It seems as though I am an exception to that rule. Why does it seem as though my mind feels like mush and my words seem spoken in vain?
Where is my passion and inspiration?
I feel
  yet I am numb.
I think
I make no sense.
When will my head feel attached to my body and my words flow out like rivers once again?

my head has always been attached to my body.
My words flow out of me like rivers, filling these pages with words
  once again.

Astral Projection

Laying here in bed cozy and warm
where my mind wanders
between asleep and awake

I travel across the country to you
on a thought and a smile

I creep under your covers
and snuggle up to your warmth

I hold you in my mind

Hear your heartbeat
feel it thumping along with mine

I leave a kiss on your chest
close to your heart

One on your forehead
as I sweep the hair from your brow
and linger on your lips just long enough
before the sadness kicks in

I hold you once more in my mind
before I drift off across the country

Back into my bed, back to that place
between asleep and awake

All to be woken by my phone
and a smile sent by you
Good morning to you too darling :)


True inspiration eludes me
like trying to hold sand
it rushes from my grasp
leaving only a few grains

Wishing those grains were pearls
precious and whole
rare and full of lustre
yet, left with commonality

Words like faded pictures
folded one too many times
and crinkled at the edges
smiles you can see, but not clearly

I should have stared, absorbed more
committed the moments to memory
yet, I'm left only with glimpses
a slide show ran at high speed

I cling to these grains we shared
treasuring them as the pearls
they could have been
holding them dear to me
as I walk on, alone

Empty again

my heart feels empty
devoid of tender feelings
just going through the motions
mimicking love, lust, interest even
attempts to reach back to you are in jest
hand pulls back
ancient joke you just don’t get
yet, the joke’s on me
the universe laughs at me
as I sit on the floor
looking at crumpled and torn dreams
scattered around me in heaps of trash
anger flares up, bitterness sets in
and a guttural scream fills my soul
obliterating all that ever was
empty again


I left my heart in your room
laid it on your chest and walked away
I miss my heart
could you send it back?

The gaping hole that held it
tightens and closes
distant and uninterested

My capacity to care and reciprocate love
wanes as each day passes

Faces seem dim and faded
old pictures of times long forgotten

Words travel down to me through a string
coming to me via tin can distortion

My soul weeps
cries echo down empty halls
wanting to be filled again

I open my doors to let the sunlight in
hoping in vain to grow another heart