A Day in the Life as Phillip

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A Little About Me

shoes on the street

Today I'm going to be showing you my life as a shoe. My name is Phillip and I am a very well worn pair of feet protectors. I was created by a company called Vans and I am an old school styled shoe. We're going to be taking a trip through the Sequoia National Park Today.

I've been camping and hiking all week so I'm excited to share my adventure with you today. I'm definitley a bit worn out due to my life style. The feet I protect are very active and tend to use me as a break when they're skateboarding, so I'm a bit worn down in the front.

We're going to be going through a few different activities today. Here's a list of the activities we're going to be doing today!

If you're looking for a nice pair of shoes like me, here's the perfect place to get them.