Day One

Day One:Salvation MountainDay One:Joshua Tree

Off to Salvation Mountain

We woke up early yesterday to load up my truck and make sure we had everything we needed before we set off for our adventure. I still had to sew up my curtains for the back of my truck so I decided to just finish them up during the long drive ahead of us.

We set off to Salvation Mountain sometime around 10. The music was blasting and we rolled down the windows so that we had a nice breeze blowing. Once we started to hit the desert area it definitely got a bit hotter. All the rocks and scenery was actually quite beautiful though.

Salvation Mountain was quite the site. Unfortunately we weren't actually allowed to get too close to it because it was blocked off for repairs. What we saw though was amazing! We also drove through Slabe City a bit and that was super interesting to see as well. Everyone was living out of beat up mobile homes that they decided to decorate and paint.

The weather was pretty insane while we were there so we honestly didn't last long until we decided to head back. When we hopped in the car I checked the temperature and it says it was 103 out. Not the most comfortable weather to be standing outside in I'd say.