This is my first WebPage for my spring class of 2021!

My Name is Alex Krygsman

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About me!


Hi guys greetings to everyone in this class! I am very excited for this semester learning html coding! Watching your videos definitely has helped me get down the basics of coding.

Below this I have a DIV tag whcih is a grouping element


I have a lot of hobbies that I love, but Photography would have to be one of my favorites. I started taking photo classes in highschool, I learned pretty quickly and started to take photos of the ocean and waves. I love being inside the water with my camera housing before the sun would rise. All the different lighting on the face of the wave from the sunrise was breathtaking.


Another Hobbie that I love doing is music. I started making music but more on the production side about 2 years ago. Its so fun to learn because their are endless possibilites with sounds and different genres to work in. Some of my favorite melodies to make are Piano/Pain. This is all done eletrontically on my computer as well.

Graphic Design

Lastly My favorite is graphic design. I love how the possibilities are endless and your mind can be as creative as it wants. I love mixing photography and bringing the digital element in with graphics to create brands/logos and much more.

2468 Lindor Street

Carlsbad, CA 92000