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My First Time Coding

A banana is not a fruit it is a herb
An almond is apart of the peach family. I found these out in my psychology class and I also found out that if you ask a person to name a vegetable they are most likely to say a carrot. I need more words to make a paragraph and I’m not sure if it has to be a proper paragraph or if it is ok to write whatever we want. I thing I am going to put down some design ideas I have in mind for each of my paragraph.

Design #1

Main colors: Black, white, rainbow

My first design idea i want it to have typical floral embroidary from Oaxaca running down the side of the of the page vertically behind a solid black background. the text would all be in white so it is easy to read above the black background. I really like using white boarders around text. i want to have a long thing white border around the text. Other ideas I have is creating solid white blocks and have the text inside it be black. I always finding myself using the colors black and white I think I need to branch out and use other colors to get out of my confort zone. I have dozens of scrap pappers with groups of colors I like written down everywhere.

Story time!!!

My dog Coco

When I was six years old I got my first puppy. My dad brought her home in an empty beer box with baby pink blanket in it. He said he couldn't find any other box but that didn't matter all that much. We named her Coqueta which means diva in spanish and boy did she live up to that name. she was very sassy but very loveable. I had trouble memorizing her name for a long time which is how we came up with the nickname Coco.She was a very spoiled dog who loved belly rubs. Everytime we would open the fridge she'd come runny so fast. Her favorite food was a hot dog. on her last birthday we invited our little cousins who adored her very much. We had so much fun and we made a doggy friendly cupcake. although she is no longer with us we like to think of all the nice memories we had with her.

My favorite songs
I love all the one direction song and i have no shame in that :)

The first song would be "Independent Woman" by Destiny's Child. It is a song that makes you feel good about yourself and make you feel proud for working hard to get what you have. Growing up I listened to a lot of Beyonce an I still listen her today. In fact im listening to her Coachella performance right now. It is my favorite performance of all time. My other favorite song will have to be "Treat People With Kindness" by Harry Styles. Who doesnt love a good song about spreading kindness. i still dont know if we have to keep the same topic throughout this and if we do I apologize.

I watched Notthing Hill the other day and this quote us stuck in my head.

I'm just a girl
Standing in front of a boy
asking him to to love her