Dobby's World Night
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Nite Nite!

Time to get some shut eye!


At last it's time to go to sleep, and guard the new baby during the night! Good thing my cat siblings can't sleep in the bedroom with the new baby! That means I get all the blankets to myself! Good night!

But, before we go, lets recap some things we learned today!

  1. I'm a rescue pup!
  2. The cats always try to take my toys!
  3. I love laying in the sun!
  4. I gotta protect the baby!
  5. I get to go outside, but the cats dont! Haha!
  6. I'm a good boy!

Oh! And one more VERY important thing! Remember, if you are thinking about adopting a rescue animal like me, please check out Last Chance at Life! They are a great organization and helped me out!