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I am Learning How to Add Images

Adding my Very First Images to a Website

Let's Start with Poppies

Photos in a field

I love succulents. I have tried to grow this kind before, but it always gets burned in the summer when there is so much sun! The kind of succulents Marcie can't grow really I propogate a lot of succulents so I don't ever need to buy any; unless they are a new variety that I don't have yet.

Now Let's Post a Cat

I also love cats! I used to have a black cat named Moby, but he passed away January, 2019. Isn't he handsome, though? A black cat sitting on my lap

This is a Random Cat from the MAT Server

A Cat named LilyThis is another cat's photo I found on the MAT Server. I am assuming her name is Lily and she's really pretty! I'd like to meet her.