Ginger, The Dog on the Internet Known as #Tinydog

I love my dog, Ginger, and apparently so does everyone else on the internet. Well, at least on my personal social media channels. Read on to see her story.

Our Life Together Began New Year's Eve, 2010

Ginger was brought to Helen Woodward Animal Center, my old workplace, September 1, 2010. She was pulled from the El Centro Animal Shelter and transported to the Center so she could find a forever home. She had two puppies while she was in foster care and went up for adoption on December 30, 2010, the day before New Year's Eve.

Adopting Ginger

I knew I wanted Ginger right away. But my husband was nervous about adopting a dog. But as soon as he met her, he came around and we adopted her the evening before New Year's Eve.

Little Sunshine of Our Lives

Ginger is always happy and loves meeting new people and animals. She does have a bad habit of chasing lizards, though. Sometimes loud noises will scare her, so we always have to keep our eyes on her in case she bolts, but she doesn't mean to run away.

Her nickname became "Tiny Dog," even though she is almost 15 pounds, which is far from tiny. However, I have only owned enormous malamutes and huskies, so she is tiny to me!

Eventually, her nickname became a hashtag: #TinyDog. Her nickname hashtag has stuck through the years and everyone typically just calls her by it!

2018: Autoimmune Disease

In April 2018, Ginger got very sick with ana autoimmune disease called "Hemolytic Anemia." That basically means that Ginger's immune system thought all her red blood cells were bad and started attacking them. Well, without blood cells, you can't breathe, and she became very sick, very fast.

Ginger needed three blood transfusions, dozens of blood tests, and months and months on steroids which wasted her body away. Ginger is a fighter and she won against Hemolytic Anemia! She is now steroid-free and is doing very well.

Ginger, the Happiest Dog

Today, I now work from home as an independent contractor and Ginger is my "assistant." She does a good job barking at all the package delivery people and letting me know when I need to get up and take a break! She is the best dog and I am looking forward to more happy, rewarding years with her as part of my family!