Here's my attempt:

This is a header (header 1);

numbers next to the 'h' determine the size of the text...(header 2)

...from big to small. (header 3)

Italics can be applied as well. (header 4)

Typing up some of these HTML codes gives me nostalgia from a couple of years ago...(header 5)
Common mistakes I made in the past as always been with typos and commands. Do be careful and check each line as many times until you think/feel is up to standard! (header 6)

An excerpt from a very old rough draft in my files...

Can you think of the most annoying feature that occurs whenever you search the web or watching your favorite content on a video search engine?
Trying to avoid advertisements before the video starts playing in YouTube is one of the most common annoying endeavor.

Most of these ads will play at the beginning of the video as a means way of persuading the viewer to buy their product based on the history of their internet searching.

Not only that, but in a common occurrence, the ads may come back during the middle of the video interrupting your time to promote either the same or similar product to you to re-remind the viewer about the price and/or trend of the product.

Sometimes a skip button is there to avoid watching the full ad while others do not have that option and you are forced to watch it unless you decide not to watch your favorite music video or streamer by exiting out of the website manually. It is unfortunately understandable that these constant advertisement are a means way of making revenue for both the content creator in YouTube and to the company in charge of implementing these ads before the video starts.
It is one of the few ways of attracting potential future customers to their products.

Horizontal Rule Test

Italics Bold