A Day in the Life of the Cats


To start things off, an introduction to the cats. I have no impulse control, so I have made a drawing of both cats. Let's pretend for a moment that I don't pretty much exclusively draw humans (or at least vaguely human shaped creatures) and that I know how to draw cats. Clicking on the images will bring you to the brief introductions of whichever cat you select.


Muffin laying on the stairs

This is Muffin, the older of the two cats. We got her around January 2019, I believe. Though my sense of time isn't the greatest though so I could very much be wrong.

My girlfriend named this cat for me. I realized I couldn't be trusted with naming her after my first and only idea for naming her was to give her a Warrior Cats name.


Melon sitting in a bag

This is Melon, the younger cat. He was obtained January of this year.

My little sister named this cat. Mango was another option for his name.

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digital drawing of Muffin and Melon