I really enjoy traveling, I try and take a trip every couple months to different parts of the world. I have almost traveled to all 50 states and have been out of the country a handful of times.


I currently work in the Admissions and Records office at MiraCosta college part-time, mainly Mon-Thurs and I am also a home-baker on the weekends, ocasionally the week days. Which means I have a pretty flexable schedule allowing me to travel as much as I do. In January I was in Costa Rica, and March in Yosemite. I should be in New York City but due to covid-19 I had to change my plans.


Next weekend I will be in Yellow stone national park, Montana. One of my aunts lives in Bozeman, MT so I normally go every to every other year to visit her and the national parks around. Montana is definetly one of my favorite places in the world, popularly know as "God's country" and their huge blue skies.

waterfall river

I really enjoy hiking and the views it gives. I guess you can say I go chasing waterfalls, there is truly nothing better then jumping into fresh water after a long hike.


I also travel to cities as well, of course Europe was dreamy and most of my favorite cities are their. I stayed in Paris for a couple of weeks and almost did not come home.

San Miguel

Mexico is a place I travel to yearly, I have famliy in Guanajuato, MX. I love Guanajuato, it is such a historic city, cobble stone streets and the buildings that are hundreds of years old.

casa frida