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About my Baking business

I began my baking business two years ago

I used to bake for just my family parties and events, then their friends began ordering from me for a very small amount, like $20 for a 10" cake. After lots of practicing and building up my home kitchen with supplies I was able to raise my prices. Now two years later I have built a full at home baking kitchen, and a steady clientel.

How it started

I grew up baking with my aunt, I have alot of fruit tree's at my house, so we would bake apple turnovers and mixed berry pies. I used to love making the dough and fillings with mixed fruit, lemon juice and cinnamon. This grew my passion to create food/desserts.

Culinary school

I decided to go to a culinary arts institute after High school, I attended for two years, I graduated and got my cooking license. After I decided I didn't want to work in the food industry, I still loved baking more. So I began to bake for small events, I practiced every weekend trying flavors and different ways to decorate.

Building my business

I began doing my research in what you need to start a at home baking business, I started to apply and get what I needed to sell. Once I had that I began to sell for higher prices and commited to bigger events like weddings. Alot of my clientel is from social media, I use Instagram very often, and I also have a web page on Facebook and Wix. Now after two years, I'm owner and founder of Frostyourself Sweet a succeful homebake business and have hired one employee to help with all orders. Buildong this small busniness was a dream come true.

Jazmin Cueva

Frost Yourself Sweets

Valley Center, CA