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Springtime Gardening Means Weeding

I have been doing a lot of weed pulling lately since the rain has made the ground nice and soft. But also have been amazed each day as I look out at my yard and see how quickly the weeds grow and take over the whole yard. Yikes!

Mowing the Weeds

One way we conquer the weeds is to mow them. We used to have a riding mower but our yard has a slope so it is easier to use a mower with the power drive. Have to wait until the ground and weeds are drier so they don't stick to the mower. But if it is too dry, we have to wear a mask to breathe through all the dust that the mower kicks up.

Using Lorem Ipsum

If I can't think of any text to write, which is not usually a problem for me, there is a folder with Lorem Ipsum text in the 4Download folder on our folder on the MAT Server. Just break it up into paragraph lengths so it looks ok and then add your usual HTML coding. Best to actually write your headlines out though.