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Shadehouse Vines

We have been doing a lot of catch up gardening lately. After all the rain this year, there have been plenty of weeds to pull or mow down. Plants that need trimming up. And we have bought and started plenty of new ones.

sweetpeas from Iowa vine growing on the fence

We have a shadehouse that we are using to grow some plants. We have been fixing it up as well. It had gotten into pretty bad shape since we have been ignoring it for a while. But we are rebuilding the fence around it, replacing some of the pipes that hold it together. We added a wall made mostly from pallets. With some added wood to make it stronger and taller. We have quite a few staghorn ferns growing inside. But some of my favorite plants are the sweetpeas that grown over this mound of aloe plants. My mom brought the seeds to California from Iowa many years ago. And there is also a new vine growing on the fence that I don't know the name of but it has pretty red orange flowers on it.

Turtle Planters

turtle planter with succulants in it another turtle planter with succulants in it

I have two turtle planters that have succulants growing in them near my front porch. They are fun pots that I picked up in Tecate quite a few years ago. They seem very happy with the plants that are growing inside them this time.

One of them with the orange tips might be "Graptosedum 'California Sunset'", but I am not sure. Forms rosettes that have bluish green leaves that blush pinkish-orange in the strong light. Sounds like a pretty close description to me.

The other plant (on the right) might be an Aeonium. But I am not sure. Can't find a more definite answer on this yet. It is a good waterwise plant. It has long, arching stems and rosette of leaves growing in clusters.

Beautiful Succulant Flowers

aloe plant with orange flowers

In another area I have some very pretty prickly aloe plants that have beautiful spikes of orange flowers right now. I must admit, these plants are not my favorites, but this time of year I like them very much. So pretty.

I have been trying to figure out what type of aloe plants they are... so I put in a description: short, prickly aloe plants to see what came up. I see a couple that look like my plant, but still can't figure out out.

I clicked on one and it is funny, when I read the name of the article, I liked my plant better already. Aloe Brevifolia: Growing the Chunky Crocodile

Also know as the Dwarf Aloe. That name is fun. So maybe I need to re-evaluate my thoughts regarding this plant. Chunky Crocodile? Dwarf Aloe? lol ... I love it.

Sweet Memories Plant from a Friend

plant from my friend

My friend gave me a new plant recently. It will actually grow really big so we can't decide where to put it in the yard yet. The size depends on the post you read. One says up to 10 feet tall. Another says 16-20 feet tall. It has beautiful purple flowers on it. Because my friend gave it to me, I want to be sure to see it easily. I keep picking places in the yard and my husband thinks a while and says, "No they probably would get too big for there..." So it sits by the front porch, growing bigger every day and wondering where it will end up and when it will go there.

This plant is named: Duranta erecta 'Sweet Memories'. She gave it to me because my dad passed away this last March. It will be a tribute to my memories of him for as long as I live here.

Brahea Armata: Mexican Blue Fan Palm

blue palm

We have several different types of palms in our yard. My husband grew the Brahea Armata in the picture from a seed. They are actually a nice silver blue color. So pretty.

The agave next to it - Agave Americana Marginata - looks a little sad, because someone accidently ran over it. I was going to move it off somewhere else, but procrastination has struck again and it has actually started rooting itself again, getting happier every day. I tried moving it the other day and it is definitely stuck there.

I have lots more plants, but that is the end of this story for now.
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