The International 2018 Squad

OG Crew TI2018
  • Sebastien 'Ceb' Debs
  • Topias 'Topson' Taaavitsainen
  • Johan 'N0tail' Sundstein
  • Jesse 'jerAx' Vainikka
  • Anathan 'ana' Pham

The International 8

The Fallout

notail & ceb celebrating a win

The beginning of 2018 was not a very good season for OG. After picking up Roman 'Resolut1on' Fominok, and having terrible results in tournaments, fans were doubtful of OG's performance and their ability to be able to win TI. Unfortunly for Resolut1on, the team dynamic was not working well and thus he left the team and Ceb stepped up from his coaching position to play once again as a player. Heading into the Shanghai Major, the last major tournament of the year and the last chance to gain more points to be able to play at The International, there were talks within the organization on what to do and what to improve on. However, unexpectedly, OG had lost two of its memebers to EG: Tal 'Fly' Aizik and Gustav 's4' Magnusson. A few days before the flight to the Shanghai Major, N0tail was told of the news that his best friend 'Fly' was leaving the team. Unable to play without 2 of its players, OG was forced to withdraw from the Shanghai Major and the chance to play at The International grew slimmer.

Rebuilding the New Crew

picture of jerax, OG's roaming support

With having not much time left to rebuild the team, Ceb searched online for players who will fit well with the team. Enter ana and Topson, arugiablely the reasons why OG was able to make their miracle run and eventually winning TI8. Not much was known at the time regarding Topson, all we knew was that he was a pub star. Someone with unorthdox build and playstyles. While being insanely good at the game in pubs, many doubted Topson's ability to be able to play in live professional tournaments. But Ceb believed in Topson's ability, map awareness, and shotcalling. Giving the newbie a chance at his first shot at a professional DotA. Ana is not a stranger to the sence, however, with very miminmal results many was doubtful of him as a player. Like Topson, ana had an insane ability in mechanical skills in playing DotA. Although he was highly skilled, he had a high variable in being able to play at the highest level.

Winning TI8

OG lifting the Aegis

Having not earned enough points thru majors, OG had no choice to but to play through Open Qualifiers, thru Regional Qualifiers to get the chance to play in TI. Despite all odds, OG made it through the open qualifiers and got the chance to play at TI. At the start of the open brackets, OG had a rocky start. However thru decidation and beign able to work with each other they were able to come out of the open brackets and secure their spot in the Upper Bracket.
Entering the main stage, and was able to prove himself and shown great growth compared to his past year at TI. A team that was created three months before TI, no one expected OG to perform as well as they have. On the third day of TI8, OG faced EG (the team which Fly and s4 left for). The classic storyline of OG, the team which was left to rebuild, will face against EG. While EG was the superior team, OG was the clear fan favorite of being the underdogs. In this match, Topson had to play against Sumauil, who was by far the best mid player at the time. It is here that Topson proved and shown that he can play against the best.