Ms. Stevie, Super Cat!

. . .a day in the life


Congratulations on making it this far. If you are just tuning in and want to get up to speed on Stevie's story, check out part 1 and part 2 of her story.

On this site, you can get a glimpse into one of the magical days of one Ms. Stevie, Super Cat. A Sunny Wednesday in June, in particular. Warning: read at your own risk. Many, after reading about the riveting life of Stevie, Super Cat, start to wallow in self-pity over their own meaningless lives. Of course, that isn't what is intended by divulging these details - the point is more to inspire than to condemn. But, it does happen. If you do, in fact, start to descend into madness over where you are going in life and 'what is the purpose of this all anyways?,' just remember that the only comparisons you should be making are you, today, to you, yesterday. Just do one thing today more valiantly today than you did, yesterday, and everything will be ok. It adds up if you keep to it

So anyways, before we get started, a little about the location. Stevie lives in a majestic trailer in Vista, CA. It is a 1971 Shasta Strafolyte, vintage of course, because every thing Stevie does, Stevie does with style.

Stevie's view . . . a beautiful view.

The pic on the left is the view from the deck in front of Stevie's trailer. Her master, Stevie says, fashioned the deck so that Stevie could sit on the perch and look out upon the vista. "Great minds need great inspiration, I guess," Stevie sighs with a yawn when asked why she is found staring out to the mountains so often.

This frame is the backdrop upon which Stevie's most valiant deeds take place. Rescuing children from burning buildings, keeping a lookout for crime, helping neighbors with their pest problems, you name it.