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Hello there! My name is Brianna. Welcome to my site!

This is a blog where I share letters I am writing to my future daughter. I know, it's a kind of weird concept . . . Why would someone write letters to someone who doesn't even exist yet?

There's a principle that runs through many religions and spiritual ideologies that the easiest way to get out of the pain of your own problems is to try and help someone else. I think there's something to that.

So, during a particularly tough time during my mid-twenties, I started journals to my unborn children. The idea was that it might help me feel like maybe my struggles were worth something, because they were teaching me things I could pass on.

When I started writing, I realized my hypothesis was correct. These journals have helped me through some of my darkest times, by helping me feel connected both to my past and also to a future that has not come yet, and may never. I started this blog on the offchance that what I'm learning might help someone else, too.

So why Josephine? I fell in love with the name in childhood. My family and I would go on long road trips, and would cycle through Tom Petty, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Cat Stevens, Creedence Clearwater, and the Wallflowers. The Wallflowers have a song called Josephine, which they cleverly rhyme with "sugar and tangerines." I would listen to it over and over. I've always just assumed that if I had a daughter, that would be her name. But, life has a funny sense of humour, and I'm pretty sure that now that I've said it publicly, I'll have all boys, or never have any children at all, or have a change of heart and name my daughter after a fruit, or something.

Anyways, here it is, my heart and soul for my daughter, who doesn't even exist. Here's the first letter I ever wrote her.

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