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Cats morning;

Intro to my cat

My family first rescued our cat about 10 years ago from a local shelter.
She is a european shorthair black cat and her name is blackie.
Her exact age is unknown but she is probably around eleven which is middle age for her breed I think.
At the shelter where i rescued her I was able to use a pointer with a lighter to play with her, she would follow the ight around and try to catch it.

My cats morning routine

Latley my cat has been starting her day after I wake up and open up the window she sleeps next to on a chair to go out.
She goes out onto a balcony and then she either stays on the balcony or climbs down to the backyard to play
in the grass. On the balcony she will sleep under a rug and if she wants to get down to the backyard she will walk on a blank meant to hold up birdfeeders.

cat staring