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6 steps every creator should follow when building an annual plan

Why Build a Plan?

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Here's what an annual plan is:

  1. Vision statement

  2. Key results (how will I know when I got there, how will I know when i succeeded?)

  3. Areas of Focus (what are the things we need to do, workstreams that we’re going to tackle in order to achieve those key results and hit that vision statement)

Here’s what a vision statement is:

A paragraph that ~*paints*~ the future for you very clearly about what life is going to be like a year from now - and it should get you pumped! It should get your blood pumpin!



People have a tendency to feel guilty if they don't hit their plan or if something changes. People feel like the reason they don't hit their plans is because they are failures.

NO, it's not true! Plans change, things happen, thinfs always happen. Feeling guilty about it doesn't help you get any closer to what you want.

You can begin your writing your vision statement with a brain dump. Brainstorm. During this process:

Ask yourself questions and answer them freely

organize vs brain dump

Remember, during the brainstorming process - don’t censor yourself, don’t worry about meticulous organization, you can return and organize later.

AFTER brainstorming and getting it all out, it's time to go back and organize, refine, and define your vision statement.

Do a Retro!

Look back at the last year and figure out what worked, what didn't work, and what improvements could be made.

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