Feeling like sleeping

but I refused to give in

because I have things to do!

So instead I had some coffee

and then some more coffee

and then some MORE coffee

and then some MORE COFFEE

and now I'm ready for the day--

It made me wonder, why are some days so much better than others?

Some days are so lush with ideas,focus,and energy. but there are some days--I swear they have nothing for me,I could just lie in bed.

Some days you are the sky

These days are the best. When you wake up feeling energetic, fully rested, and ready. You sip some coffee and savor the taste.You feel fully engaged in your tasks, each moment teeming with clarity and a steady stream of productivity. On up days, you are the sky.

On down days, you are not the sky.

You wake up tired, you wake up feeling like sleeping. That in itself is upsetting--it doesn't make any sense.You were just sleeping all night! Your morning coffee does nothing for you, it even tastes bitter and is the wrong temperature. Your heart is beating faster, but your mind remains sluggish. The same brain that was a bright blue sky yesterday is now clouded with fog.

These up and down days are cyclical, with most days lying somewhere in the middle of the continuum, but it's valuable to assess which side you're leaning towards so that you can make optimal use of your energy levels, mood, and mental clarity.

Some things to keep in mind

Assess your state: figure out where you are today and establish a baseline.
Accept yourself: recognize that fluctuation is normal.
Adjust your speed:
stop trying to swim upstream.
Adjust your expectations:
maybe take the opportunity to take care of less demanding tasks like cleaning, laundry, leisure reading.
Take breaks:
perform difficult tasks in short intervals.
Return to the basics: practice fundamentals to help maintain your health. Ensure you are eating enough food, drinking enough water, and getting sufficient rest.
Apply what you learn: when you listen to your body and meet yourself where you're at, you'll feel a greater sense of relaxation.

thank you for reading

see you again soon