My Own Bookcase


I have a bookcase completely fulled at my home. There are a big diversity of genres. I have novels, fiction, narrative, mystery, fantasy, romance, poetry, autobiography. I enjoy reading at least two times a week in a period of one or two hours. Reading helps me to enrich my mind of new vocabulary which also practice my speaking. I have read a bunch of them, some of them are "Esperanza Rising" from Pam Muñoz Ryan, "black Ice from Beca FitzPatric, "Siddartha" from Hermann Hesse, "Magic Hour" from Kristin Hannah, "The Woman Warrior" from Maxine Hong Kingston, "Kafra on the Shore" from Haruki Murakami, "The Circuit" from Francisco Jimenez, "Julie Carlwood" from Kill Joy, "White peak Farm" from Bearlie Docherty, "The Property of a Lady" from Anthony Oliver, "All Together Dead" from Charlaine Harris, "Against the Law" from Kat Martin, "The 5th Wave" from Rick Yancey, "Sunset Express" from Robert Crais, "Secondhand Spirits" from Juliet Blackwell.

esperanzarising whitepeakfarm magichour thefifthwave

I have friends that give to me a book each year on my birthday. I feel so grateful with each one of them to give me wonderful gift. I lend the books that I already read to friends who enjoys the reading too. I like that we can talk about facts of the books or just share opinions about our personal thinking regarding to certain book. I remember while ago a friend of mine gave me "Black Ice" from the Becca FitzPatric and we had an extended conversation about the whole book because of the deep thriller on it. We could not stop talking of the characters and the wonderful work that FitzPatrick had done with her story that catch people interested.


In the begging I have not had to many books because I just borrowed them from the library. Then, when I started to buy myself books or receive them by people I had to find a place where to put them. I found a piece of furniture that has a bad looking close to my house. I brought it to home and started the adventure of remodeling it in a new one. I separated the parts and I formed a different compartments, I sended the wood and then I painted it. I used a glossy protection to have a better looking and also to make it to have even a softer texture.


When finally my bookcase was done I locate it on my studio art and to place the books on there. Little by little it was filling and it is fulled until this day, but since I lend books and sometimes I give them too there are some empty spaces. I like to take care of the books and give them a new glance one in a while.